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Posted this in management, but it fits here,too....

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Scarlet_Cowgirl, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Scarlet_Cowgirl

    Scarlet_Cowgirl Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 8, 2011
    Allrighty...so I am very new to this board, but we all know how charming chickens can be...I started with a flock of 6 mature hens, lost ONE Buff Orp...replaced her with 4 pullets and 1 roo..chicken math,right?? In any case....

    Brought the chickas home Friday the 8th of this month. Shared a garage with my other girls while I was reinforcing the coop from the 'coon attack. Quarantined ever since..yes, I know that even that should NOT have been allowed, but they seemed halthy (yeah,yeah - I know better!!!!) and I REALLY did not want to lose anymore to predators....

    The following Tuesday I noticed that they were having diarrhea. Ran a fecal sample 3+ coccidia. Treated with Albon. Also noticed that day that they were sneezing slightly. Thought nothing of it. Started reading BYC...freaked out about Coryza et.c, read that ALbon treats some resp issues...kept them on it for 10 days instead of the 6 days needed to treat coccidia.

    It is now 2 weeks later. Still sneezing, still slight discharge but they seem to be putting on wt, eating well, happy, active bright. No buildup on their choanal slit. Clear eyes. No increase in their URI signs....

    I do not have money right now to take chickens that are acting fine to the vet. If they were sick, I would beg or borrow...but they are acting FINE...so....whenever I have the money I am planning on taking them to a local avian specialist and getting them cultured/tested.... but... my questions...

    1: Do URI's ALWAYS result in a carrier status????? I want more chickas, and had planned on letting these guys reproduce...should I not let that happen?? They are young yet, but I wanted my own flock and babies and am heartbroken that that might no happen

    2: What are the chances that my original flock are carriers???? Like I said, contact was minimal, my original chickas have never shown signs of ANYTHING (phenomenal layers - healthy birds) and the new chickas were thin when I got them, along with having a coccidia overgrowth, which leads me to believe there were managment issues....

    3: If the new chickas become carriers, can I build a coop on the same property but with a double fence and be *relatively* safe if I always treat the coops seperately and act as if they are in quarantine??

    I do not want to cull these birds, even if they end up being carriers. They are spectacularly sweet and I love their colors...HELP!

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