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    I am posting this for Jeaucamom..........her puter is still out...... she has a baby,about 24 hours old...........will not open its eyes at all.eyes look normal.....cleaned , no membranes, no sign of anything external or internal.........eyelids can be opened with fingers.and she shys away from light? any suggestions? she drinks,poos fine too ! HELP
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    Well, not much you can really do to force it to oen it's eyes. I would say, since it is still a hatchling, let it rest and keep a close eye on it for the next day or two. It may have some developmental defect or something inside we can't see that is gong on. Adding vit and electrolites to water may help, but I wouldn't reccomend trying to force feed/drink a chick till it is at least two days old, since their yolk sac should still be stocked.
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    Oh poor Suz!!!! I would just keep a close eye on it, if it is drinking fine then there is hope! Never had a blind chicken, but I have had a few blind pups over the years, and the ones that are calm enough to find something to drink/eat always do fine! I had one pup that was freaking out going every which way.... He wouldn't drink milk from his mom or from a bottle so he didn't make it! [​IMG] If it is acting normal I would just keep a really close eye on it, and probably separate it from from the other chicks so they don't pick on it! Tell Suz if you talk to her before I do my thoughts and prayers are with her and this poor little chick! [​IMG]
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    I think it is often forgotten with bator chicks that all this light is not "natural" and if you have one on occasion that you will have one that takes a bit longer to fluff out and open its eyes ...dont try and force it!!! Chickies hatched under their mamma often dont ventrue out for several hours (so are in the dark underneath mamma... )

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