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11 Years
Mar 6, 2008
Oxfordshire, UK
Hi, just wondering whether you can feed chickens potatoes. My Dad said he used to boil it all up (I premsume the peelings) and the chickens loved it. The other day a farmer said that potatoes for chickens was poisonous. I had some cooked potato in the fridge but was not sure whether it was safe.

I know one thing my ladies do like and that is porridge and strawberries! I boiled up some porridge oats and water and then added a couple of strawberries. The ladies could not eat it up fast enough!! Happy Easter from the other side of the pond!


12 Years
Jul 17, 2007
I would feed cooked potatoes. I do it all the time.

Raw potatoes are not very digestible for many animals, and, if the skin has turned green it can contain variable amounts of toxins. In general, raw potatoes are not recommended, however, if they end up getting a little bit, I wouldn't worry about it. My chickens root through my compost pile and I am sure eat all kind of scraps.

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