Potential way to hatch more female chicks?


Mar 12, 2012
Middle Georgia
I shouldn't have responded. This urban legend goes around at least once a year. People try it out. Some claim it works. Some claim it fails. But it's not like you can do an accurate study in your living room with a handful of eggs. I hatched out 10 out of 10 cockerels with no dead eggs just recently. If that happened during during an experiment to test this theory, I'd be biased to blame it on the experiment. Who can conduct a conclusive, repeatable large scale study with expertly calibrated machines? Large poultry house who happen to want to only hatch females. They don't use this method. That should be proof enough it doesn't work. All your doing is stunting growth on your chicks and hurting those chicks that do hatch.


Jun 18, 2020
No, apparently eggs that contain male chicken embryos will simply not hatch if incubated at a slightly lower temperature than normal. Or so the article says. The verity of that claim needs to be proven though. Cue this thread.
I was going to say this. Temperature can abort male fetuses. There are plenty of studies that corroborate. There is no transfer of male to female, just death.


Crossing the Road
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
I have not personally tried it, but I have a friend that does it in her frequent hatches and she says it is successful. She learned it from a breeder that also does that trick and also claims it is successful. Next spring I will try this with an autosexing breed to see if it really does work.
Hens decide the sex of their offspring and some hens will naturally make more future female eggs than male eggs.

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