Poultry Leash Information


11 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Fremont County, CO
I have several drakes and always alternate letting one out to free-range. But I recently got to thinking that maybe if I could leash them out in different locations they could still be out without being able to fight. From what I've read here most people use a cat or dog leash with a harness, but with the hot summer coming on and the rubbing on their feathers that option just doesn't appeal to me.

I remember going to Hawaii one time and coming across a piece of land with 20 or 30 roosters, each with a rope attached to one leg. They were each staked out next to a their own small house for protection from the weather. The ropes were long enough for exercise and short enough so as not to come in contact with their neighboring rooster. I am sure the owner was raising roosters for cock fights and we got out of there really fast.

But I was impressed with the concept of staking my drakes out far enough apart so they couldn't tear each other apart during breeding season. I started researching and found that they use what is called a Leg Hitch. I hope this helps anyone who is looking for this humane option.

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