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Aug 23, 2008
Murphy NC
I am interested in hearing others experiences using juicer machines . Likes, Dislikes, good for this and bad for that stories. Here is my my story.

I recently had one of my giant brainstorms being the brainy person that I am. Well, maybe not so brainy since most of my brainstorms usually endup just being little rain showers. Anyways. I bought a Jack LaLanne power juicer with thoughts of using it to extract juice from grapes for my wine making. I was very disappointed with the finished product. The juicer worked great, it groundup all the grapes and spit out plenty of juice, problem was, all the hulls I really needed for color and flavor, and all the seeds, where ejected out the back of the juicer, not exactly what I had in mine when I bought the juicer. Needless to say, I gave up on using the juicer for making grape wine.

On the other hand, I tried the juicer on some cored apples and even though the juicer seperated the juice from most of the heavy pulp, I was able to recombine the juice and pulp for placing in the primary wine bucket. I guess if you are going to make wine, the juicer works OK for some fruits and not so good on others. For just plain apple juice, its perfect straight out of the juicer.

My next experiment was today on tomatoes. We had tons of Roman and Golden jubilees we needed to do something with. I washed the "Maters" and cut the stem and blossom end off, as well as any bad places. I then quartered up everything that wouldnt fit whole into the top of the Juicer. One problem I encountered was the splashing. If you didnt feed the tomatoes and immediantly insert the plunger, the juice would splash out the top all over the cabinet top. Also, if feeding fast, the juice had a tendency to spray out of the discharge shute. A well placed hand pretty much kept control of the spraying.

The "Mater" juice turned out excellent. Real pulpie and smooth. The heavier pulp, seeds, and larger pieces of skins where discharged out the back into the catch container, but you could also see some juice mixed in with it. We dumped the material into a pot and will see if it turns into anything usable. The juice on the otherhand is ready to can straight out of the juicer. It contains enough pulp to make a excellent sauce and I am thinking about trying to make Ketchup once I look up a good receipe.

Post you own experiences, as well as any favorite receipes. I have just started playing with mineand would really like to hear what others have done.


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Apr 22, 2009
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I have one of those juicers...I used it once and put it away. I didn't like the clean up on it--maybe I was just having a bad day
The idea of doing tomatoes with it sounds interesting. Definitely worth pulling the thing out of the closet again. I always just use my Victorio juicer....hmmmm.


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Aug 23, 2008
Murphy NC
Cleanup is a little tough with the juicer. You have to completely dismantel it to get rid of the gunk. The hardest part to me is the little cone shaped seperator screen. Running clean water thru the machine while running gets a lot of it, the rest is thrown in the dishwasher. Everything but the motor that is.

I should have took a pic of the Mater Juice. We ended up with 6 quarts and a glass full of pure juice, no water added. Marian put them in the pressure cooker and they are cooling now. The glass full got a dose of salt and I drank it.

Anybody got any good V8 type recipies? I am also considering juiceing some hot peppers to make a organic pesticide spray to use in the garden next year. That might prove to be interesting, I have a bunch of Cayenne frozen from last year and the vines are hanging full in the garden now.


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Jun 5, 2010
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Quote:Great idea about the hot pepper spray!! Never thought of that.

I had a Campion juicer for years. Awesome machine....made the BEST carrot juice. I now have an Omega Vertical juicer. It's not as 'hard core' as the Campion was but it's just a smidgen easier to clean. It also doesn't juice kale as nicely as the Campion.

One of my fav drinks is kale, apple, carrot, celery, cucumber and a bit of ginger. I drink it straight...yum. DH says it smells like the gunk under his mower blade
but if I put enough apple in, he'll drink some. A tomato is also good in this. When I have some, beets will also go into this. Beet juice is awesome but it only takes a little cause it's so packed with nutrients. I like lots of carrot and kale but just a bit of celery and cucumber.

I do not do fruits except for apples. A blender type processor that makes those smoothies is good for fruits but I don't need all that sugar. I try to get my juice as pulp free as possible. To sweeten spaghetti sauce, I juice up some carrots and add the juice and the pulp while it's cooking.

Sometimes I put the pulp in the dog food (I make my own dog food) but not too much since it's so high in fiber...they can only tolerate so much. I've also put some the pulp in stews and soups and gravy. Other people have used the carrot pulp to make carrot cake.

The Campion was able to puree but the Omega does not. (that was good for making baby food for my grandkids).

Aside from the hassel of cleaning the dang things, it's a nice tool to have in the kitchen. You're only limited by your imagination and it sounds like you have lots of that!!


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Aug 20, 2010
Love to use juicers, hate the cleanup. There isn't a model on the market that isn't a pain to clean. And since i have no dishwasher, I'm stuck using the little brush on that screen! UGH!


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Jun 15, 2008
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I have a green star juicer (masticating type). Clean up is hard since you have to dismantle the whole shebang to clean it but if you juice enough at one time you wont have to clean but a couple of times a week.
I chose the Green Star because it doesnt heat the juice as it is processed and It leaves a pretty dry pulp compared to other types of juicers. I still run some things through twice to get any extra left juice out of the pulp. It also makes pasta, nochi, sorbets and nut butters.
Im sure you could run grapes through for wine. Tomatos or anything. Watermelon makes a nice summer juice!

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Jul 15, 2018
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Hi mudstopoer! Great information on the juicer. I just got one for tomatoes, I'm curious to know what became of your pulp, skins, seed. I was planning on freezing it for the hens but if you've got a good idea I'm all ears! Thanks!

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