Power Outages


9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
Chester County, PA
I'm in SE PA and we are in the middle of another major snowstorm. This one could be worse because they are predicting high winds45-65 mile an hour.
We will most likely loose power because a tree will fall and pull down lnes.
Murphy's Law when you have eggs in an incubator.
So, to get ready, I have a few friends & family on call. I may be knocking on thier door at 2 AM.
Hot packs are in water in a crock pot. Egg cartons and packing are ready . The cooler is by the incubator. The plan is to start the car , transfer the eggs to the egg carton.
Wrap them in a towel with the heat packs and place them in the cooler to retain the heat. Drive them (in a blizzard) and the incubator to the nearest person with electric.
I should just to a hotel in the city with them right now, before it gets too bad.
Incubatng eggs like room service too! I know my cat does.

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm in northeast Pa. I have my candles ready and I have a plastic cover that I sit on the bator. It doesn't close it all in but with a candle it keeps them warm. I sit the bator on 4 paint cans and that works good for me. Lets hope we don't lose power and good luck with your hatch.
Yep! Get a generator! When we lose power, it's just the worst thing! Our home is all electric, plus we have a well, so the well pump won't work and we don't even have water when the power is out. Our power has been out for five days before........we left twice and spent the night in a cheap motel just to relax and shower.

Good luck to you!
We were lucky. Not even a lot of branches down, just twigs!
The wind howeled and blew empty tractor trailers all over the turnpike but we did not loose it.
Day 12 and counting....

Did anyone incubatng loose power?


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