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8 Years
Jan 26, 2011
Brooksville, Fl
I got 3 new turkey poults a few weeks ago and they broke out with pox. 2 of the 3 seam to be doing ok, but 1 has pox on both eyes to the point he can not see at all. Being that he can see, he now cant eat or drink. I brought him in today and put a warm compress on the eyes and gave him some water from the sponge, but the eyes dont look any better. Any ideas? Should I cull him, he looks so miserable.


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8 Years
May 15, 2011
i got no idea, what it is or could be. If you can post a picture it may help some of the more experienced people on here identify it.
From your words it sounds kinda bad for the little one, (really need to post a pic) id keep him seperated from the others, (if you havnt already) i hope what ever it is the little one pulls through ok for you.

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