Pox? How can I support them through it?


8 Years
Jun 6, 2013
I have 15 chickens and 3 turkeys. Over the last month or so the chicken's combs and waddles have started to looks unusual and deteriorated. Kind of crusty on the tips, almost like frostbite, but it's not cold. They've got an abundance of black flecks on both comb and waddles. I've heard some coughing or sneezing on rare occasion. One gal has a mild case of facial swelling, but it's not bothering her. My main roo had a huge black blob on his waddle, I thought it was blood or something from a scrap with the other roo, and when I picked it off he had a big 'hole' in his waddle and some lymph/oil and air pushed out. No puss. That was very strange. I need to re-open it and clean it again.

I'm assuming this is a pox. The neighbor has 'wild' roos that cross the road and come into the yard form time to time. I cull them whenever I can but the neighbor ends up with more and more (someone dumps them on his property, no one cares for them). I've dealt with many waves of random illness in conjunction with the times these roos have infiltrated my flock, but I've never had combs this splotchy looking.

Aside from immune support, what can I do? I'm feeding extra rations, plus everyone free ranges. Would it help to individually clean their combs? Bathe them, use an antiseptic, and oil them up a bit? Everyone seem healthy, though my egg production is reduced to 5/day out of 13 hens (I have 15 but 2 are broody).

(no photos right now, sorry)

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