Prayer Request - Ken has an interview-UPDATE


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This Sunday Ken has an interview for IT Manager position at a very large car dealership. One of the guys that works there part time also worked with Ken at his last job so he already has a good reference. In this community, it isn't always what you know but who you know. Please say some prayers for his success at this interview.
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Absolutely! Best of luck to Ken!

Micah has an interview in MARYLAND on Monday! YIPES. I haven't decided if I want to pray for it or against it. I did not love it there when we lived there before.
The good news about MD is that you don't have to live there to work there. Other states are right next to each other like cities are here. He has been out of work for 2 weeks now and we are really feeling it.
I feel the need to bump this up as the time is drawing near. I am really on pins and needles here. I do the finances and Ken really doesn't have a clue what a bad position we are in.

Please PRAY!!!!

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