Prayers for those ravaged by tornadoes....


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We have some friends in Joplin that we still haven't heard from.

here is hoping that not too many of our BYC friends have been affected by the year of the tornado.
to everyone who's been affected by them. I heard about the twisters on the news, and the scene looks pretty bad from down here, it'd probably be worse from in the centre of it all.
Two of my sons live not far from there and I have often gone to stores and restaurants in Joplin when I've visited them. It's hard to imagine that many of those places are gone. My heart goes out to those so tragically affected. May God keep them close as they face the days ahead.
I'll send some prayers out for them.

It's amazing the way weather patterns have been changing because of the warming up of the atmosphere and the ocean. I hope this isn't going to become the standard. Guess we'll know in about 5 years or so. Meanwhile I hope the House can find it in their hearts to get some help to these people.

What a terrible way to die. I heard that a cop got sucked up in his car and the rest of his buddies could here him screaming on an open mic. That had to be horrible.

Do you people that live in tornado alley have a lot of storm shelters all over the place? I lived in Ft Worth and all the schools had them, but that was about it.

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