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Jan 17, 2010
I have been at the hospital watching over my father in the ICU for the last two days. He is stabilized now and getting better. Yet prayers are still greatly needed and appreciated.

He started with the flu and got pneumonia. He is diabetic and the infection spiked his blood sugar levels and turned his blood acidic. He was in danger of stroking out at any moment. He is so stubborn mom had to drag him their and they have to sedate him to keep him there.

Thanks everyone.
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prayers on the way
This event has actually had some positive effects on our family. It has brought me and my older brother closer together. Plus it was made very clear to me how much DH, kids, and FIL really need me around here. I was only gone 2 days and even though mountain man feed the animals I came home to some very grumpy chickens. They had started to lay eggs in the ducks box cause the wind blew the coop door shut. The 8 wk old chicks lamp in the storage building burnt out and they were sitting in the dark. The dishes were stacked up, the house was a mess in general and mountain man had done laundry but didn't put folded clothes away. MM and his Dad had moped around the whole time while I was gone. Living off of frozen burritos and ramon noodles
I guess they really do need me.

Update Dad is still hanging in there. My little brother came home from college to help out with Dad tonight so we can get some rest.
Our prayers for your father and for your whole family. It is a difficult time when we have to care for our parents. I am flying to Calfornia on Wednesday to be with my mother while she undergoes an angiogram. She is so stubborn and really doesn't want help, but can't take care of herself. I will try to find someone while I am there to be with her. Hang in there and make sure you take care of yourself.

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