Praying mantis egg case


10 Years
May 15, 2009
While I was cleaning up an area 'out back' I came across a praying mantis and her egg case! So excited. The only issue is that the egg case is attached to the lip of a plastic flower pot. What should I do with it? I tried researching but very little was available on egg cases.

Do I partially bury it in my compost heap under an old milk crate? Leave it in the open (doesn't seem like a good idea)? I'm stumped.
I would hide it in the bushes somewhere you want big ones, when they little ones hatch they will need protection and leaves/twigs on bushes should work well. Spring flowering shrubs, rose bushes or berry bushes would be nice so they can eat little bugs attracted to the flowers and plants. I tend to stick ones I find in places they shouldn't be in the forsythia bushes by the garden and rose plants (baby mantis like aphids).

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