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    I had 4 quails in a wooden box for rabbits. I bought later a wire cage so they could have some air and sun...I made the mistake to leave them there overnight and a raccon (I did not see it but I know there is one around) likked them all eating wings and heards. I want to have Quails again but I want to avoid this happening again. So first thing I won't use the wire cage...but is it any other things I could do??? please I need advise

    would be this safe?

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    Quote:I am sorry about your loss.

    I am also sorry to say but the link you shared about the other cage...this is also not predator safe. You can use the wire cage, just not leave it outside. I house my quail indoors because of the predator problems out there. These are what some of my breeder cages look like. I also have rabbit hutches indoors as well (but I put hardware cloth around them further because I have a snake problem).

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    Wrap The Outside Of Your Existing Wire Cage In Metal 1/2x1/2 Inch Hardware Cloth All The Way To The Ground And It Should Be Quite Safe. Safer Than The Cage Shown Here.
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    Whatever kind of cage you use, you will probably want to either replace or line the wire with hardware cloth, so that predators will not be able to reach in and pull off heads. I live in the woods and face every kind of predator imaginable, but I prefer to keep my birds on dirt when possible. I dig a trench around the perimeter of their pens and attach wide strips of wire fencing, which I then bury so that nothing can tunnel in. You will also want to make sure that your latches cannot be manipulated by clever paws, spring latches work pretty well for me. Any type of cage you can buy will probably require some modification to make it totally safe for outdoor quail.

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