Predator attack


Sep 18, 2014
I am fairly new to raising chickens and it seems when it comes to injuries, the outcome tends to be a loss. My chickens were roaming around the property the day before yesterday and I heard a commotion, looked over and saw my rooster flying high above the blackberry bushes towards the house. I immediately knew there was a predictor. As I ran up the hill I saw what looked to be a coyote with my Banty hen in its mouth. I started yelling and ran after it (probably not the smartest idea). As I sat outside hours later, I saw her walking out of the bushes towards the coop. As soon as the chickens were roosting for the night, I calmly went in to grab and examine her. She has a small puncture which I washed out with saline and neosporin (not with pain relief). Did again twice yesterday and added electrolytes and vitamins, but this time she didn't roost like the rest, she slept in the nesting box. This morning she is worse, I've now isolated her, but notices the front of her chest is squishy like air or fluid. I am going to the store to purchase oral antibiotics for her today, but I'm concerned about internal injuries and wondering if I can do anything. Thanks for any advise!

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