predator cameras and how do they work?


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Jul 31, 2008
I know this is not about chickens but i am hoping to use some of the cameras i have noticed some people use on the forum for another purpose..

I live out in the country and we seem to have some city kids who really enjoy playing mailbox baseball.. 3X this week I have had to go out in the morning and repair my mailbox. It had been replaced 4X since January.

what I was thinking about is getting these perdator cameras and setting them up in a tree and getting the faces or even a car description if I am lucky a plate number and taking this evidence to the police. but how do these things work?

I have no power supply out there can It run it on a battery?

will the camera hold any memory?

anyother suggestions anyone may have will be greatly welcomed.

the police cant do anything because there is no evidence other then a broken mailbox but no way to trace who is doing it
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Apr 4, 2008
SE Indiana
Most of the predator cameras run on batteries.

The amount of memory depends on the one you buy, and you can normally add memory with SD cards up to 4-8 Gigabits, again depending on the kind you buy.

One problem I see is to avoid alerting the suspects that their picture is being taken, especially if this happens at night you will need to get the ones that have the IR (invisible Infared flash), and they are more expensive.

Also, if the suspects spot the camera, they may steal it. You could use a locking cable to attach it to the tree and some have a hole to lock the cover down so they can't get to the camera body, but make sure you check.

Make sure to check the distance the camera can take a picture at also.

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