Predator-proofing chain link dog kennel

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    Jul 30, 2010
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    After spending over a week designing drawing up plans, and pricing materials for my wooden run, I found a 10' by 10' dog kennel on CL today for $75. I'm thrilled! I was planning to put 1/2" hardware cloth 2' or 3' up, but does it go on the inside or the outside or the chainlink? I will also lay a hardware cloth apron - how wide should that be? I notice many people are using chicken wire on the inside of the chainlink. This would certainly be cheaper, but am I risking the security of my girls? I also plan on using 2 x 4 welded wire as a roof, probably with some 2 x 4s run across for support, and perhaps covering that with either tarps or corrugated PVC. I am getting my first chickens tomorrow, so I'd appreciate your advice.
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    It's just my opinon but I would put the hardware cloth on the inside of the dog run, I think it would make it harder for a predator on the outside to try and undo any fasteners or clips you have holding it to the chain link. I'm leaning towards 3' up., so something like a coon with long arms and nasty fingers could reach down and snag a chicken. An apron extending about 18-24" would be okay. It depends on how much you worry and what you can afford. I tend to go overboard. You also need to have the apron around the chain link gate and fill in gaps between gate and fence posts. Your roofing plans sound good.

    Chicken wire is too flimsy for anything but keeping chickens inside. It doesn't stop predators from getting in. Enjoy your chickens and welcome to BYC.
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    Inside or outside doesn't matter it just keeps there heads from poking out of the chainlink, and I would use chicken wire instead of hardware cloth-much cheaper. Because the chainlink is what is keeping predators out, not the hardware cloth. You will have to decide on the opening of the gate (pushing in or pulling out) and fix the gaps around the gate opening. When using a kennel that is the biggest threat of entry into the run. I fixed mine with pressure treated decking board, bolts, and large washers. Good luck and have fun.
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    It doesn't matter what you use if you're not locking them up in a secure coop at night, small predators like weasels could easily slip in a tiny space and kill the chickens. If your using the run just for daytime, while locking them up at night, I'd use 3 ft. hardware cloth buried 4-6 inches down in the ground inside the chain link fence. You could continue up past that with cheap chicken wire. On the top you could stretch across cheap welded wire.
  5. CoyoteMagic

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    Quote:Put it on the inside. Will be harder for them to pull it off or through the chainlink.

    I used welded wire as a apron. If you by the 48inch roll you can cut it in half(24in) and only buy half as much!

    The top of mine is covered with 2x4 wire and supported by PVC (had it on hand) Be careful how you construct the roof with tarp and corrugated PVC. You'll need to consider snow load if you are in an area that gets a lot of snow. I have roofing tin panels only at the corners. We don't "usually" get much snow. But got hit good last year.

    I love my Dog Kennel Run!! I couldn't have built anything this sturdy!

    ETA--I got both of mine and the 2 extra panels off Freecycle for nothing!!
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    Aug 18, 2009
    I bought extra chain link panels off of Craigslist and used them for the roof. I put a shade cloth over that.
  7. harveyhorses

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    Jan 16, 2010
    I put chicken wire on the inside of mine, but I also have two strands of electric fencing, one very low, about 8 inches up and the other about three feet up. I used PVC for my roof also, but have it A framed. When I had it as a flat roof there was NO wind circulation. It might not be pretty but it is secure I used the pvc angles at the top to attach them to each other.
    Good luck!
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    Jul 6, 2010
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    Quote:As a rule, fencing goes on the side you want to keep whatever you're fencing for in/out. With that in mind, you should put the hardware cloth on the outside of the chain link so predators would push against it and the chain link. If you put it on the inside, anything that can get through the chain link will just push the hardware cloth out of the way. I suspect, however, that the dog kennel chain link is on the inside because it's purpose is to keep the dog in which means that it is going to be doubly important that the hardware cloth be on the outside.
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