Predators and Chain Link Fencing

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    We have a run, outside our chicken coop, that is made of chain link fencing and is six feet tall. It also has a standard gate entrance with extra wire around the gate so that the chickens can't squeeze through. There is no top on the run. Will this type of fencing keep raccoons and skunks out? There is one very close tree on the other side of the fence. Can a coon climb that tree and get over to the chickens?
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    Quote:Yes, but raccoons won't even need the tree. They could climb the chain link.
    I use chainlink, but also have a chainlink/covered roof and floor.
    Also if you have small predators like weasels they can go through the chainlink.

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    Our 8 X 8 run had an open top until we spotted a hawk inside the run ... needless to say we put a fence up the next day.
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    you definately need to cover the top.i have chain link also but it is covered with will need to brace it tho or it will sag.
    i shut them up at night in the coop just in case something small like a weasel gets in.
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    I use chainlink kennels as my runs as well. I have covered all of them with 2x4 welded wire. It's supported ever 2ft to hopefully prevent collapse in the snow. (I don't get much except for the last 2 years, so much for living in the south!)

    I've also put 2ft of hardware cloth or chicken wire around the entire perimeter of the inside of the run to keep critters from sticking their paws in and chicks from scooting out. The doors can open outward because the only place I don't have hardward cloth is in the middle of it. It can't be pushed in and can't be pulled out far enough for anything but a field mouse to get around! Only time I have lost a chicken to any critter was when they were out free-ranging and the neighbors dog got 3 of them.
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    Yup, roofless chainlink will not even really slow a raccoon down, they are *tremendous* climbers. Even the big ones.

    If you are going to put a mesh wire top on the run, remember that when raccoons get up there (and it is often more than one, as families tend to stay together for quite a while) they are HEAVY. So the wire needs to be very stout AND well-supported AND well-attached, otherwise it can give way and dump the coons right where they wanted to go.

    Also note that there is chainlink and there is chainlink. A lot of stuff sold these days is very small-gauge, and you often see it installed incorrectly i.e. not tight enough and not well enough attached to top and bottom rails. Either or both of these things can make it possible for a sincere dog or coyote to get thru the chainlink by prying apart the wires to make an entry hole. So, you want to take a look at how adequate your chainlink will be against DOGS too (some is, some isn't). Just b/c it was sold as a dog kennel does not mean it is heavy-gauge-enough taut-enough correctly-attached, btw, as a lot of dog owners can tell you from having their dogs pull apart cheap kennel panels [​IMG]

    (That said, GOOD chainlink properly installed is a really really good fence)

    Good luck, have fun,


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