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    My secure-I-hope coop will be inside a dog enclosure run which has two walls made of a stone foundation and the other two are metal fencing. Height of run is uneven but ranges from 5-6 feet. We are in the mountains in a secluded area. Hens will be put inside coop every night, but for the daytime, I know I need to cover the run and wonder if chicken wire would be strong enough to keep hawks out? The hardware cloth is prohibitively expensive; aren't there any alternatives?
    I have a friend whose enclosure was topped by the green plastic fencing, and a hawk just dive-bombed right through it to make his kill. ( Hawk was then unable to fly out of the run.)
    Do I only have to worry about predators at night, or are the chickens constantly in danger?
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    I have poultry netting over one of my one of my pens. Hawks have not been able to get through it. Most of my pens have chainlink fabric over them.
    You may can find some free or cheap chainlink fabric and put it over your pen.
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    When a hawk attacked my hens I just had cheap bird netting up.The kind that tangles YOU up as you try to cover your fruits.Anyway, the netting was loose so when the hawk attacked he just pushed the net to the ground,but did not break through it.To bad he did not tangle himself like I always do.Would have loved to seen it up close.

    Loose on the cheap stuff until you get some tough netting or wire in.The deer fencing is supposed to hold well.
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    I think I will have to keep my girls cooped up a lot more than I thought until I can get the good fencing for their pen. Thanks.

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