Preening issues and lice/mites


Jan 21, 2016
Kent, UK
Hi :)

One of my girls ( young layer) has a beak that is shorter on the top than the bottom, and I am guessing that she is having problems preening due to the amount of lice she has, and she is also a lazy dust bather. I have powdered her with lice/mite treatment, dusted the nest boxes, the roost and the dust bath area, basically allover, but she still has lodgers that will not go! I have read about ivermectin 1% spot on but I cannot find a brand that supports treatment for chooks. Does anyone know of a brand that I can purchase either here in the UK, or ofc ship in that will safely treat her and her 3 pen friends? :)

Her vent area is clear, but under her wings and thigh areas she has long grey, and small orange critters. I want this solved asap so any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks ;)


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Apr 3, 2011
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Lice can be difficult to treat because of the white clumps of eggs on the base of the feathers that hatch out every 10 days or so. If you can get permethrin 10% spray or garden dust, or Sevin dust, that can be used to treat every 10 days on birds, nests, and a cleaned out coop. It will take a few treatments. Some use coconut oil on clumps of eggs to get them off or pull them off. Since some eggs could hatch every day during the 10 days, timing in retreatment is important. Mites require every 7 day treatment, plus emptying of the coop, and treating facilities. Nothing much is approved for poultry use, but some do use topical treatments meant for other animals, such as ivermectin, Frontline or fipronil spot-on, Neem Oil, wood ash, and others. Do a search for more information, to make sure it is lice, and not mites. Good luck.
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