preening or pecking?


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
I have one chick who is just fine, another who is on the road to recovery after a touch and go start. They are in the same incubator but separated. There is just the two of them.

They always lean in close to be together and shout for each other when i take them out. So i tried them in together. The big one was pecking the small on, but it wasn't constant.

The small one wasn't running away.

So could this be preening? Do chickens preen each other?! If not, is one - on - one going to be too much? I know if there is a bully the bullying is shared out so its not as bad, but i am unsure if there is just one chick bullying and one being bullied.

If they peck once every 10 seconds, is it likely to get worse, or less?


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