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Jul 20, 2013
Okay so I did a Google search trying to find out if my goat is pregnant or not and funny that I find a response on the Backyard Chickens Forum! I see some other posts about pregnant goats, guess it is hard to tell if they are fat or pregnant!

We bought a goat about 3 months ago to keep a foal company because its momma didn't want him any more. We have noticed she has been getting bigger in the belly and swear she is pregnant! We have had several people that own goats tell us she was pregnant, most likely with twins. So since the gestation period is 150 days, and we have had her about 90, than we should know for sure in a couple of months, if not sooner!

Note, she does not get free choice food all day long. She eats some grain twice a day with the foal and the two share a flake or two of hay a day, so its not like she is eating all day long

Here are some pics, what are your thoughts?

Thanks! I will look that up and see where I can find BoSee!

It is an Rx medication that comes from a veterinarian. You can get non prescription selenium supplements in the form of an oral gel. But it isn't found in most local livestock supply stores.

What is her diet? What do you give her for minerals? Does she have access to a loose goat mineral? Or a mineral block?

Minerals made for goats, in a loose form, fed free choice, is actually best. Those blocks are almost completely NaCL (holds it together well), which is just table salt. So goats who only have a block often become deficient, since they can't get enough of all the other important trace minerals from a block of table salt. Don't feed a goat a sheep mineral. Goats need copper in their diet in an amount that is toxic for sheep, so a goat fed a sheep mineral becomes detrimentally copper deficient.
That goat doesn't necessarily look pregnant to me. She might be, but she might not be. Ruminents have big bellies.

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