pregnant with chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by mandolinmama, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. mandolinmama

    mandolinmama Songster

    Apr 13, 2007
    Urbana Missouri
    Hi everyone,
    We found out last week that we are expecting another baby in december (a human baby that is)
    I was wondering, should I be worried about handleing my chickens while pregnant?
    I can't hardly keep my hands off them. I do wash and use hand sanitizer everytime i'm done with them.
    Any thoughts?

    Donna Sue:/
  2. keljonma

    keljonma Songster

    Feb 12, 2007
    8A East Texas
    I think as long as you practice good hygiene you should be fine. But I suggest you discuss this with your family ob and your family vet.
  3. bigzio

    bigzio Crowing 11 Years

    Jan 20, 2007
    Donna Sue, as long as you remember to wash your hands well after handling the chickens, everything will be ok.

    Backyard flocks are safe to have and don't worry about any danger with your chickens.

    Fear from what you heard isn't worth the consideration, the caged bird industry would love you to believe.

    Healthy birds and eggs are grown and created in backyard flocks. The reason we all raise flocks, is because we know what we are raising and eating. I would never think the usda knows more than me.

    Homegrown eggs are more nutritious than commercial eggs, something the government can't raise and is upset we can and will provide ourselves without their financial cut.

    Enjoy your freedom to make wise choices and believe in yourself.

  4. Napalongtail

    Napalongtail Longtail Longtimer

    Jan 31, 2007
    NE Washington
    I only have this to say... Mother to 4 one more on the way and keeper of 300 + Poultry friends.
  5. mandolinmama

    mandolinmama Songster

    Apr 13, 2007
    Urbana Missouri
    [​IMG] Thanks everybody!! I feel better about it now. I love my chickens and can't imagine having to give up working and playing with them for 9 whole months!!!!:eek:
    I too am expecting my 5th child so between the kids and chickens, i'll be a busy little lady for sure.

    Donna Sue
  6. AccidentalFarm

    AccidentalFarm Songster

    Mar 29, 2007
    Quote:So well said, Bigzio.

    If you keep the coop clean, icky bad things(sickness,disease) don't have a chance to take hold. Your birds will stay healthy and you should have nothing to worry about. Normal sanitary precautions (hand washing, etc.) should be all that is necessary.
  7. wolfpack62001

    wolfpack62001 Songster

    Mar 6, 2007
    New Brockton, Alabama
    My Dear Wife is 7 months and she loves to play with my Red Stars, and she is fine
    Just keep it clean, and no kissing!
  8. CarriBrown

    CarriBrown Crowing Premium Member

    I'm sure you ARE busy!!! Well congratulations on the bun in the oven!! I had my five year old niece over this weekend and I'm not sure I'll be able to handle more than one kid.... I took a three hour nap after my SIL picked her up!! [​IMG]
  9. eggchel

    eggchel Crowing Premium Member

    Dec 26, 2006
    Both Coasts
    Hey, a big congratulations to MandolinMama, Napalongtail, and WolfPack62001's wife.

    The more Peeps, the better!

  10. Chicken_Addict

    Chicken_Addict Songster

    Apr 21, 2007
    Kellyville Oklahoma

    i am willing to bet it is just a thing people say that have no idea abt chickens lol kinda like the litter box thing i changed the cats box the entire time i was pregnant and no problems ! i think as along as u do as u always do and keep them clean u should be fine!! good luck!!!

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