Prepaing for first molt

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    My hens are just over a year and I expect we'll be doing our first big molt this fall. I had a few questions I'm hoping the more experienced folks can answer

    1. I know an increase of protein can help. Is it useful to start that before I notice the feathers coming off?
    2. What is the best way to increase the protein? (Calf Manna? High protein treats?)
    3. Do I need to worry about them picking at each other while trying to grow new feathers (like I would if someone was injured?)
    4. If yes on 3 what do you do about that?

    And a side question. I have a Barred Rock hen who has lost feathers on both her shoulders - started around beginning of summer . Looks a little like pictures I have seen of rooster damage but I don't have a rooster! I never see anyone pecking at her and I have checked for mites (didn't find any but treated anyway). Otherwise she seems fine. Good red comb, eating and laying well. Active. My other 4 are fine except for bare bellies on my two that tend to go broody. Any thoughts?
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