Preparing for LOCKDOWN. help needed


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I set my eggs on 16th of february. According to my math that means march 6th is the day i take out the turner and put the eggs in the bottom of the incubator on lockdown. Please double check my math and make sure that it is march 6th when the eggs go into lockdown.

Also, what is the "proper" way to hand turn an egg in the incubator. Do you flip the eggs from the top to the bottom or do you roll the eggs from side to side?

My eggs should hatch on march 9th right?
This is a pretty cool app for keeping track of your hatch:

: Day 1 is not the time you set them its 24 hours other words day 1 equals one day of incubating time (its the one flaw with the app).

I turn my eggs by putting block under one side of my incubator, thus, when I move the block one side to the other it mimicks an auto turner which tilts the eggs. The added benefit to doing it this way is that you do not remove the incubator lid - heat and humidity conservation and you turn the eggs all at once.

Hope I did not confuse you. It makes sense in my head but I am not sure it translates...LOL
the block idea is GREAT! but i am doing a staggered hatch so it wont work because i only need to turn some eggs and the other need to be still because of lockdown. I included that one day in my math so the lockdown date should still be march 6th. Right?
What? Are you asking this so you can hand-turn eggs during lockdown? You do not turn eggs during lockdown, hence the name. The incubator should be locked and not opened at all.

If you were asking for other reasons, than sorry. Good luck.
i was asking because i am doing a staggered hatch with turkey and chicken eggs. I know it is lockdown but i have to turn turkey eggs during chicken incubation.
If that is the case you might want to do the block method of tilting the eggs so that you don't disturb the temps and humidity for the hatch.
I'm on my first hatch with the same dates as you, so glad to know we agree!

A few things I've read in my perusal of articles.... You really shouldn't turn the eggs in any way after day 18, that way the chicks are able to orient themselves properly for hatching.
Also... interestingly enough, it's not supposed to be necessary to turn eggs after day 14, since there is no longer danger of an embryo becoming stuck to the shell. So how far apart is your hatch staggered? If it's only a few days, it's supposed to be safer to just stop turning the newer eggs when you lockdown the older ones... with temperature and humidity staying constant, it should result in a better hatch rate. If you do need to hand turn, I think most people roll.
May all your chooks

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