Preparing for when the chicks arrive..UPDATE: THE CHICKS ARE HERE!

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    So....My ideal order ships (or never know with Ideal [​IMG] on Wednesday [​IMG] ...As usual, I've procrastinated getting the brooder and shed ready. [​IMG] This will be my only order of birds this year, so I REALLY want ALL of them to make it!
    Tomorrow afternoon I have to go sweep out the hanta-virus (sp?) once-was rabbit shed, and get the brooder all set for the birds...I want to have it ready and waiting for them for once! Nothing like scrambling around at 6:00 in the morning trying to find a red heat lamp and brooder following an post office call. lol
    ANYWAYS...I also would love to be thrifty this year. I have a waterer and can probably scrounge up a feeder from last year. I also have a whole bag of Start & Grow from January. I have a red bulb (I think) and heat lamps. NOW...BEDDING....I usually raise them on pine shavings but that would mean a trip to the feed store, and I'd really like to find something I already have. ANY BEDDING SUGGESTIONS? I was thinking maybe newspaper run through the paper shredder? ANYBODY USED THAT? BAD IDEA OR NOT?
    ALSO...ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR INCREASING THEIR CHANCES? LIKE I WANT ALL OF THEM TO MAKE TO ADULTHOOD IF AT ALL POSSIBLE--ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR INCREASING THEIR CHANCES UPON ARRIVAL? I was stupid and didn't order grow-gel. I have used gator-aid in the past, but it seems like if you use it for too long the sugar or something in it makes them paste up [​IMG]
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    I'd use paper towels for the first week, then you can add shavings or shredded paper.... but shredded paper doesn't absorb well.
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    You could use straw or paper towels for bedding...don't use the newspaper. it gets wet and slimy and it can cause problems with their legs is they are slipping around on it.

    Is your starter food non-medicated? If not, you will have to make a run to feedstore anyway. The ducks cannot have medicated starter it can kill them.

    Just add a little sugar to the waterer for the first couple of days and after that they should be fine without it and having plain water.

    Remember that the chicks need higher temps that the ducklings so make sure the ducklings can get to a cooler spot if they are all going to be together.

    Good luck with the babies and do post pics when they arrive.
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    Don't use the shredded newspaper for the ducks. They will eat it. I lost a baby duck to eating the shavings as well. I found the best for baby ducks is an old sheet for the first few days. You can always hose it off and wash it Thats what I did after I lost the one now they have a good footing and I don't have to worry about them choking on the shavings.

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    Hey...Thanks for the suggestions on bedding...I've been raising birds for 7 years and the idea of shredded newspaper just occured to me. I guess it's not a great idea though. LOL. So I'm just using paper towels right now so nobody ends up with spraddled legs.
    THE CHICKS arrived on thursday morning.
    * 8 Salmon Faverolles
    * 8 Self Blue (Lavender) Silkies
    * 8 Spangled Russian Orloffs
    * 2 Egyptian Fayoumis
    * 1 Malay
    * 2 Dyed ducklings
    When I opened the shipping box, one of the ducklings was already dead [​IMG]
    As of today, we've lost 4 of the silkies (two of which were my fault....I left the waterer in and they climbed in and decided to stay in the water), an orloff and a faverolle.
    That might sound like alot, but I've had worse. All the other chicks and the duckling are eating and drinking and very healthy it seems.

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