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Apr 23, 2009
My younger sister wants to present two of my chickens at school. (They are almost two months old)

She is a 7th grader if that's important to know. I was going to keep them standing on my elbow like they like to do and then sometime, put them down on garbage bags and feed them shredded cheese or something.

She is going to talk about their care, different breeds, etc.

Any ideas? Is it possible anything can go wrong? She will be up on a stage while kids sit on the floor. We will stand on garbage bags but have wipes handy in case they miss the bag.

I'm imagining the worse-case scenarios, but I'm kind of excited too!

Should I just not worry about it and just have fun?

(My school ends early so I will be meeting her after school to bring the chicks and help her with the "show")

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Feb 27, 2009
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Take a bottle of hand sanitizer because you know the kids will want to touch. Have them clean hands before and after touching.

Have a safe place to put the chicks (maybe show one and keep the other in crate, then switch) so if they get spooked they don't flap away, which would either be funny
or disastrous.


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Keep spreading that chicken cheer and help them know how great it would be for them to have chickens of their own.

Oh, and send them here!


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My husband and I brought our meat chicks and one of my calm older millies to my youngest's kindergarten class. I asked the kids what they knew about chickens, answered their questions and and had a touch period. It was great! Don't worry about and just have fun! We did not tell them the chicks were to end up on the table and my youngest knew not to tell them, i did not want them to get upset as half the world these days does not want to know that their food is actually slaughtered before it reaches the table and they were only 5 year olds. My son is okay with it but he is growing up knowing And use all the sanitary precautions posted above of course. ErinM
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Mar 18, 2009
What a great way to get kids hooked on chickens!!
We need more of this. I tell everybody to bring their kids over to see my chickens. It's so funny to see all the different reactions.
Some are scared, some are very brave and they ask a lot of questions. I love it.


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Feb 22, 2009
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I did a presentation about chicks/chickens to five 3rd grade classrooms. It went wonderfully, all the kids soaked it up like sponges. It helped that I had some activities to go with it, but 7th graders are older, and hopefully have a larger attention span. lol.

Bringing hand sanitizer would be a great idea, and yes many people are going to want to pet the chickens. If you let them hold them make sure that they do so away from their shirt, just in case the bird goes to the bathroom. Hands can be cleaned, but they have to go home in their shirt.

It would also be a good idea to bring some images so that the kids can see what a red ear or white ear looks like if you are going to tell them how to determine the hens egg color. And I'm sure they may want to be able to see the difference between a hen/rooster, and some of the breeds you are discussion.

Don't fret, if you do the birds and kids will realize your nervous and it will not go as well. I'm sure it will go great.
Good luck.

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