Pretty sure it's a roo, what color though?


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Apr 8, 2010
South Central Texas
I'm pretty sure this guy is a guy. But what is this color called? Or is it called anything?


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Um... I don't think that's an accepted color and I seriously doubt he's pure silkie, if that's what he was sold as
Not all of his feathers are silkie and his skin isn't dark...
No worries if he isn't, he was given to me. Ubderneath his feathers his skin is dark, is that what your talking about?

Oh and thanks for the input!
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He's cute!! Maybe a Polish-Silkie mix with some frizzle genes. I really don't know the color - I would just describe him as brownish. He certainly looks like a mix so the color isn't according to any breed standard.

Since he was free to you should be OK. Don't look a gift chicken in the mouth!

Does he have any girlfriends?
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He's not frizzled and he's not pure silkie. His comb and wattles seem awfully red for pure silkie. I have very few "pure" bred chickens and I love my mutts. His color is mixed and at least part partridge colored.
Ooooh a mystery mix breed. Very cool. Either way I love him, he has very much so stole my heart.
He is going to have many girlfriends! I think he will like it here.

Thank you so much for all of your input. I really appreciate it!

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