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PREVENT pipping at wrong end? turning and position of egg?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by katefollot, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. katefollot

    katefollot Chirping

    I see lots of threads and mentions of this happening, but can any people with hatching experience lend some thoughts as to how to prevent this from happening in terms of egg turning and egg position while being incubated?

    I know it can happen for a variety of reasons (humidity, etc), however I'm interested specifically in what trends of the actual position of the egg lead to pipping at the wrong end and what to do instead.

  2. katefollot

    katefollot Chirping


    I know some people were saying how it was happening to them quite a bit with the Incuview, so I'm trying to do my homework on having a successful first hatch.
  3. coloradowildflower

    coloradowildflower Songster

    Jul 12, 2008
    Hi Kate, though it isn't always preventable, I have read that lockdown is particularly important for this. Especially ceasing turning the eggs. Some people like to do that earlier, some later, but at least by day 18 they need to be still (preferably laying on their sides) so they can have time to orient. I just finished my first hatch in my new Brinsea and was terrified of this, but 100% hatch rate and everyone pipped and zipped and popped perfectly! Good luck with your hatch! Ours was a complete joy!
  4. katefollot

    katefollot Chirping

    Congrats on your successful hatch!!! I hope mine will go okay, to be honest I haven't even ordered the incubator yet as I really want an Incuview, but they're having to fix a power supply problem so I'm waiting for them to sort that out before ordering. I think I'll get some eggs from my neighbors and do a test hatch before I try and hatch eggs I'm really invested in. Our house temperature fluctuates a lot as well as we don't have central air, so it's going to be a nerve wracking 21 days trying to keep everything stable.

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