Preventative Maintanence

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    [​IMG]Hello everyone. I am new to raising chicks and have a question about preventative maintanence. I already have a Millie Fleur that is just under a year old. I got her from a professional breeder who had her dusted, and I believe vaccinated for Avian, and Mareks. She is also banded. Are these things that I need to do for my new chicks, who will be six weeks old tomorrow? I have 2 that I got from a breeder that wasn't nearly as professional as the one I was dealing with in the past. The chicks are clean and healthy at the present time. They are still indoors and to young to introduce to my Millie Fleur at the moment. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you, peeps.[​IMG]
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