Preventing Poult Starve-out

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Poult starve-out simply means the young poult will not or cannot eat and drink. This may be caused by too many poults in a small area, a weak poult that is being bullied away or just a poult that hasn't figured out the mechanisms of eating and drinking.

I raise Narragansett heritage turkeys. At two days of age and definitely by 3 days if your poults were shipped, dip each poults beak ( not up to the nares as it will inhale the water) into a shallow water dish. Hold it for a second, and make sure that it swallows the water and then makes an attempt to take a second drink. I use room temp water or slightly warm water for the first time.

Food. For the first 3 days, I grind my gamebird starter to a slightly larger than flour mix. I then mix in the regular size crumbles. On top of that, I grind some alfalfa leaves (no stems) down to almost a flour, add a few little larger and spread it on the bottom of the brooder near the water. Keep the amounts small and completely clean up at least twice a day. keep it dry. I have found that this also helps prevent Flip -Over -Syndrome which is another thread.

Hope this helps all of you aspiring poult growers!

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