Previously Eggbound Quail (Sensitive)


Jun 8, 2017
So I adopted nine quail hens, kind of rescued from their previous owner.

Yesterday one became eggbound. She showed the obvious signs of being eggbound.
Her vent had actually come OUT with the egg, it was like her exit was way too small or the egg was way too big.
She pushed so hard and caused some bleeding. I was told to leave her alone so she could lay but she had been struggling so hard I did an emergency draining of the egg and she passed it finally. I washed her vent gently.

She ate and drank before bed, her meal had more calcium in it.

Today is is very bruised, kind of a soft purple. She's acting really sluggish, won't eat or drink. She's actually staying close to me on her own.
Is this signs she's tired from way earlier this morning or is there a sad ending here?
Ok good. Keep watching it. I needed to push the vent back several times for a week, till it stayed permanent inside.

And I used a few drops olive oil in the vent (pushed the oiled little finger about 1 cm inside) to help further eggs to flush out.

Good luck! My hen has fully recovered.

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