Previously VERY robust Mottled Cochin bantam juvenile now flipping over on his back and weak in the


11 Years
Apr 11, 2008
Just yesterday, I found the little guy flipped over in the middle of the brooder, laying there on his back with his legs sprawled in the air. He has always been extremely healthy, and is nearly completely feathered out, so this is quite sudden and worrying. I have him quarantined in his own little box next to the other brooder, and he flipped over this afternoon as well. Once I upright him, he acts upset, but tends to get straight to trying to walk around(his legs just look weak and slide out from under him at times) and eating and drinking. He has no apparent injuries, and no real symptoms beyond the flipping over(maybe because his legs are sliding out?) and just looking weak in the legs. He is a little thin, but not emaciated. Poop is very normal. Very alert still. TSC hatchery bird. Has anyone dealt with something like this before? I have started him back on vitamins in case it is a result of a deficiency. All other chicks are healthy. What gives?

There are other causes of "lameness" but have a look at this to see if it helps you, if you will.

Here is one website listing doses of E:
click on crookneck article on left column (yes I know this isn't crookneck but it mentions vit E)

I don't know what is wrong with your little guy but hopefully this helps.
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Thank you for that, it does sound very much like him. We have raised him on Nutrena chick starter , I wonder if it is insufficient for him? I added Sav-A-Chick to his water, and I gave it to them all the time as babies. Hopefully this can help stave off him getting worse until I figure out the next course of action.

I am going to have the bf bring home some vitamin E supplement in a couple hours, then I will have major dosing to figure out. :hmm
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