Pricing and Shipping of Ducks or Swans


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Aug 4, 2008
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Well, I've been shopping for ducks... and I see the average prices for ducklings (not the ones I want) are $5-$6 and I've found some locally that are 'older' going for about $20 each to $30 a pair. Not bad for laying age ducks I guess... but I'm afraid they won't have been handled much.

Then I come across these listings all of a sudden.... black cob swans hatched 2006 and 2007 for $300! $450! and found several other ducks at a 1 year old they're asking $90 a duck?!

Plus they are offering to ship them by priority mail? Is that possible at these sizes and ages?!

(I'm not interested in buying any of these... I'm just a bit shocked!)
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the shipping is done all the time,and those prices are about average that you will see on the net.I just paid $50 for a white mandarin hen at a swap and I was happy to get her for that price..
Oh wow.... they were beautiful don't get me wrong, I've just never looked into these before. Maybe when my hobby expands I might, who knows.
I'm an addict already.

I guess you can say I had sticker shock!

I just learned couple months ago you could ship baby chicks and that blew my mind.

I think I'm going to spend more time shopping for the ducks I want. Long as they lay good eggs for my baking and are friendly with my daughter I shouldn't care, but MAN there are so many choices!!!!
if you want eggs and friendly,you should stick with domestic ducks,wild/ornamental will not lay all year,they usually will lay for one maybe two clutch's a year..runners would be a good choice for you,they are reported to lay up to 300 eggs per year.
oh wow! I was looking at runners actually, and blue swedish. Thank you so much. I think the runners will win out.


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