Priming Brinsea Octagon Advance EX

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8 Years
May 18, 2011
Just got a Brinsea Octagon Advance EX and have set it up for a test run. The incubator itself seems to be working just fine, but I am having trouble with the humidity pump.
Simply put, it is not drawing water up from the reservoir. I have checked the "wrapping" of the silicone tubing around the pump spindle and it seems correct. I have also sucked on the tubing like a straw; instead of getting water in the tube, it flattens itself out.
I have eggs coming in the next two days, and really want this part working by then. Any thoughts or tips?
Many, many thanks.
There is most likely a small twist in the super flexible hose. Because it wouldn't go flat if there wasn't a blockage. I have had to run my fingers gently over the hose to make sure the entire length is completely cylindrical. Or round. Whatever. I was able to "pinch" the slightly flattened hose back into round.

Also, the tension on the spindle appears to be critical. All of my units arrived with the spindles strung, so I only had to deal with "setting" hose when I had to replace one set. The length to cut for the one that winds around the spindle is EXACT, not "close enough."

I had to look at my other EX units to see the visible aid to determining the correct tension - only obtained when I cut the darned hose to the EXACT length.

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