Prior fighting!


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Oct 11, 2008
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I have 2 young roos (Ameraucanas) who were raised together, and who prior to yesterday, were friends.
Yesterday they were fighting (hackles up, going at it with spurs.....tho' no damage......chasing each other around the run, etc)
Last night they were both in the coop with the girls, roosting next to each other, calm, etc.
And today I have NOT noticed any fighting at all.........
Could this just be a Spring-is-in-the-air thing?
Could it just be a pecking order thing? (One roo is about 11 months old, the other is about 7 months old)
What's up with this new behavior?????????
Do roosters fight 'consistantly' when they need to be separated?
Or can they fight 'occasionally' and live together alright the rest of the time?
I'd like to keep them both, if possible.
(Hen to roo ratio is 7:2)
Thanks for any advice..........


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May 18, 2010
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Roos can be housed together if they are used to each other and per the individual roos personalities. Usually even with two well behaved roos you will see the occassionally 'mock fight' or actual scuffle just being roos. Two dominant roos, or one overly dominant one may fight more often and be forced to be seperated... However I might suggest you bring in a couple more hens, 2 roos to 7 hens is way to few in the same pen, or seperate one roo and 3 hens and one roo and 4 hens in two seperate areas. 7 hens being worked on by 2 sparring boys are going to get some serious back damage eventually.

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Oct 3, 2009
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Especially with the breeding season in full swing there is going to be some fighting. I have 2 roos and 23 hens and they still get into it every now and again. Youngster had to be reminded Dad is still in charge. But they still go into the coop and sleep every evening so as long as theres no serious issues I say let them work it out..but the ratio should be at least 10 hens to 1 roo.
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