Privacy report: what is it?

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  1. Sorry for the silly question, someone just tried to hack into my messenger and was typing a password in which bounced back at him, suckeggs!!!!
    anyhow when this happened, the privacy report icon also appeared.
    Coincidence?? but ive always wanted to know why it appears when im online, doesnt seem to be any explanations given.
    BTW I will find him and send around Beavis and buthead who will sort him out so there!!!
  2. nccatnip

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Piedmont area NC
    Are they hacking into your system or your BYC account?
  3. chickbea

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    Jan 18, 2007
    I can't help, being clueless as I am about computers. I didn't even realize we had to log off of this website if we are looking at it from a public computer - I was at the hospital last week visiting my brother-in-law, and I was getting my byc fix for the day. I just left it like I always do from my home or work computer when I'm done, but my niece pointed out that anyone could get on and chat with you guys pretending to be me! I don't know who would do such a thing, but...[​IMG]
  4. No. I think they were trying to get into my computer,
    then again, my computer does a scan of itself at 11pm each night which is when I posted this, so it might have been my computer cleaning itself!!!!
    though I have really good firewalls, one is scanning right now, its a pain whenever I first connect, it downloads and scans and slows everything down till its finished.
    Sorry didnt mean to scare anyone!!
    But i really would like to know what the "privacy report means"
    Ill ask Yahoo answers!
  5. Royicus

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    First things first, run anti-virus software. I don’t like recommending things too much, but I use AVG Free, which is a free anti-virus program that you can run on your computer that will constantly scan in the background for any bad stuff on your computer. You can find a link to that software HERE .

    Next thing is to install and run a firewall. There is lots of information going in and out of your computer all the time, and a firewall acts as a security guard at the gate, checking everything that your computer sends and receives to make sure it is authorized. I use Comodo, available HERE .

    Using these two pieces (which are completely free for non-commercial use) of software will go a long way in keeping your computer secure. The next step is safe computing practices, but this could arguably be the first step. You don't have to use this software specifically (which is why I don't like recommending stuff), but these are arguably the best free software available for this purpose.

    Safe computing practices include the following:
    - Only visit websites that you think are legitimate
    - Don’t open e-mails that you aren’t expecting, or look fishy. Trust your senses.
    - Don’t open attachment look funny for fishy. Again, trust your senses. If you weren’t expecting the attachment on an otherwise valid e-mail, it could be a virus.
    - Log out of websites if you are on a public computer. It is good to make sure you are logged out by refreshing the homepage and make sure it doesn’t say “Hello (insert your username here)”, but rather prompts you to log in.
    - Make sure secure sites are really secure. https or a little locked icon somewhere in your browser indicate a secure site.
    - Keep up to date in your Windows and Internet Browser software. A lot of times they update to patch security holes, and these are good updates to have!

    Those are the glaring things that I’d recommend.

    Now back to the OPs question, I’m not exactly sure what you are talking about. I need more detailed information, and a screenshot (with sensitive info blacked out) would be helpful.

    If anyone has any questions about internet security, or computer security in general, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll respond as time allows.
  6. Mac in Wisco

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    May 25, 2007
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    I'm not sure of what you meant when you said somebody was trying to type a password into your messenger. ???

    The Privacy Report you are talking about is a function of MS Internet Explorer, it is basically a cookie management function. It is probably popping up to show you that it has or hasn't accepted cookies from a specific site due to your privacy settings in Internet Explorer. You can go to Tools, Internet Options, and then the Privacy tab in that window to change the settings. If you are unsure of what a cookie is or what those privacy settings do, then click on Internet Explorer's help menu, search for "privacy settings" and read to your heart's content.
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  7. Thankyou very very much, I now feel at ease.
    I do have AV installed and mcafee firewalls.
    I always forget to do updates, but i will do one shortly.

    I tried to back up my files again and so far i used 4 floppies for 10 files 6015 bytes and i still have 946.000 bytes still to backup, i think I need to do a spring clean and get rid of some stuff, but Im a hoarder, i keep stuff in case i might need it someday!!!
    I did a defrag the other day but it didnt help that much!!!
    anyhow thanks again.
    Hey mac i love your picture in the avatar and in the "mug" shot, are you a pilot?
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  8. barg

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    Apr 27, 2007
    My own photos have been giveing me a privacy report and the photo's are acting like cookies and being blocked.
    I think my isp has screwd alot of stuff up while they are making changes to our web page stuff, maybe thats the same type of thing you were getting?
  9. seedcorn

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    Apr 25, 2007
    NE. IN
    for back up, go buy a USB flash drive. 1G is about $10 and on sale a 2G is about $20. It's easier and a lot less room.
  10. Thankyou seedcorn, why didnt I think of that!!mustve had a blonde moment!!!or should I say silkie moment!

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