Probable Coccidiosis- Advice?

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8 Years
Jul 25, 2015
Hello! I had a sick hen (unsure of age but over a year) last Tuesday that died the following day. She had mucus-y poop and was acting lethargic. Two days later I had another hen die (also over a year but had been sick with maybe worms? And treated with ivermectin a few months ago). I had some opened expired (March 2019) Corid powder so started that in the severe treatment dose in all the water Sunday morning. Tuesday morning I checked on my older 8-9 week old chicks, most of whom have yet to be outside (combined hatchery chicks, incubator chicks, and hen raised chicks). One hatchery chick was dead with no apparent symptoms. No diarrhea and hadn't been acting like the other two had. I decided to stop and get new Corid and opted for the liquid. I gave all barn chicks direct treatments and treated their water Tuesday night. I treated all outside water this morning. My question is, should I start the 5 day treatment period from Sunday (start of expired Corid) or last night/this morning? Should I do a second round of lower dosage after that? I also bought Nutri-drench and was wondering when to start that? Thanks in advance!
Sorry for your loss. How much Corid liquid are you using in each gallon of water? Do not give NutriDrench or any b vitamins until Corid is finished. You can give it for 5 to 7 days. If you have a vet who can run a fecal float on some fresh droppings, you can rule out worms or coccidiosis. If you should lose another chicken, your state vet can do a necropsy to give you a diagnosis, if you keep the body cold and take it in M-F. This list has contact info for most state vets:
Thanks! I'm using 2 tsp liquid corid per gallon. I was originally (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) using .5 tsp powder corid per gallon.

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