Problem cockerel- Please help!

Feb 17, 2021
Somewhere down in Texas
I have a cuckoo Maran cockerel that is almost 7 weeks old, and he is becoming a bully to the other chicks. He pecks their head really hard and holds on for 5-10 seconds. I’ve never owned a cockerel before, so is this normal behavior? I get that they are establishing the pecking order, but this seems a bit extreme. He made one of my d’ Uccles bleed on its head (the blood is dry now), so I’m not sure what to do. I’ve separated him in a brooder area for right now, but any help is greatly appreciated!
Should I get rid of him? I have 4 other cockerels with 30ish hens and I’m thinking about rehoming 1 or 2 so the girls don’t get harassed all the time. The others seem pretty friendly, but the other I would get rid of is an EE who I think is a cockerel. They are all 7-8ish weeks old

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