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Mar 2, 2009
I have 3 lovely geese: one boy two girls. The girl set on some eggs and they have hatched. In this pen are many mallards and two pekens *sp along with the geese. I have a kiddie pool for them to swim in. The babies cannot reach it yet though and this is the main water source in the pen. If I put waterers out they just clean their beaks and waste the water until there's none left in the waterer which could be several times a day. I HAD to put a waterer in there for the two babies cuz they can't reach the kiddie pool to swim or get a drink. Now the others are getting into this baby waterer and running out the water. I HATE the idea of taking the babies away from their mother cuz I want this to be a positive experience for the geese so they will want to do it again next year. Also the fence is big enough to where the babies can walk through the holes and out into the yard which worries me. And my daughter has seen this happen today. Any advice?

Bear Foot Farm

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Mar 31, 2008
Grifton NC
Also the fence is big enough to where the babies can walk through the holes

If you have another piece of fencing, you can make a "cage" around a waterer that the babies can get to but the big birds can't​


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Jan 15, 2007
Sounds like it would be best to try to put the mom and babies in a separate pen for a little while. At least until the babies are big enough to get to the pool. I would be a little bit worried about them getting out of the pen and something getting them, not sure what the predator situation is where you are. Chicken wire is pretty inexpensive, and you could maybe run that along the bottom, or use it to confine the mom and babies, they wouldn't be able to get out of that...Another thought is to make a ramp, or steps using bricks outside the pool, and also inside, so the babies can get into it. They will figure it out quickly. I know what you mean about the others dirtying up the water, though. I had that problem when I had a duck in with my chickens...

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