Problem with cat solved.


10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
saint augustine florida
I have one grey cat who still has visions of catching a hen and eating her.
I watched him last night, stalking a hen and shooed him away, only to see him chase another one across the back yard, of course she was faster but it still ticked me off enough that I had to do something.
Here's what I did.
When I put the girls in the coop for the night, I've got 18 in a fairly snug coop, I put the cat in with them for the night. I stood there listening for a bit and the ladies were giving him hell it sounded like, they could get off the floor on perches which the cat could not reach so I wasn't concerned about them.
This morning, when I opened up the coop, the cat was cowering in the corner behind some hay and as soon as he saw the door cracked, leaped with the speed of a bullet out, ran across the yard at full speed and disappeared under the barn....I still haven't seen him.
somehow I think I won't have that problem again. Oh, there was no blood anywhere and not a mark on the hens but the cat's fur was ruffled up and soiled.

Just call me the "cat whisperer"


10 Years
Mar 1, 2009
outside Dallas
I cured mine of killing chicks by looking him up for about 15 minutes with my EE roo.

only problem now is he won't go anywhere near the coop and I am starting to notice mice. It's a no win situation.

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