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  1. arsumaSue

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    Sep 8, 2011
    what would cause the egg to have a very fragile yolk so that it breaks every time you crack the shell to fry an egg? does the diet need something it is missing?
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    Fragile compared to what? A store-bought egg? A previous egg from the same chicken? An egg from a neighboring flock? Also, please tell us how you are cracking the eggs, which could make a difference. My 13YO DS could scramble an egg just by picking it up, I swear, whereas I have to break the egg into the pan and then stick something in the yolk just to mix it up.
  3. arsumaSue

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    Sep 8, 2011
    All the chickens,8, Rh.Reds, hadn't thought to much about how we are cracking them but my friend who we share the eggs with is having the same thing. It's not a real big deal we were just thinking maybe they need somthing added to their diet. They get ch. feed, lots of scraps, grass clippings and are free range.
    tks again
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    How often do you collect the eggs.

    The best way is to collect them daily and wash them, then put then in the fridge as soon as possible.

    I have one Cuckoo Marans (she is about 1 year old) no matter what you try, she still has weak shells and weak yolks.
    All the others in the same pen get the same food and treats and are the same age and they have no problems.

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