Problem with my Black leg austrolaups, limping.


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
I have an issue with my black leg austrolaups hen. It is limping on one leg. I had two of these hens and about 3 weeks ago I noticed one of them was limping on one leg. I thought she just pulled a muscle or something so I set her up with a quiet spot to rest with plenty of water and food. Well she did not get better, she deteriorated quickly until the eye on the side of her head that cooresponded with the leg she could not used was clouded over and unusable. Finally I had put her out of her misery when when she stopped eating and drinking. Now I am noticing that the other Black Leg Austrolaups is limping today. Does anyone know what this could be? I have 13 other chickens and a rooster that are walking around just fine.
It sounds like you could have Marek's disease running through your flock, as the cloudy eye, leg problems, and eventual death point to that terrible, but all-too common disease. If it is Marek's, there are a few remedies you could try to treat it with (St. Johns Wort, colloidal silver, etc.), but most birds succumb in a little while.
It sounds like Marek's. You can read the Big FAQ link posted at the bottom of my posts. That should tell you just about everything you want to know. I'm really sorry if it is. I've been dealing with it for 4 years.
Thanks, after reading the first article, I think this is what they have. It is weird that the only chickens that are showing signs are the same species. I guess this could mean that they were the only chicks not vaccinated for the disease too. Let's hope this is the case. I plan to cull the contaminated hen and clean the coop extra good this weekend. Thanks for your help I was at a loss for what it could be.

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