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5 Years
Apr 16, 2014
I'm on day 14 and have kept a consistent 98-101 degrees. Last night the temperature outside got down to 29 degrees. Before I went to bed my incubator was at 100 and then next morning I checked and it was 70 degrees. Does anyone know what might happen to my eggs.
well if it didn't go over 104 then they didn't die. I would say probably the eggs will be delayed on their hatching. This will not kill them if it went to low just try to keep the temp steady form her on. Also what incubator is it? I may have some ideas to help you have a better hatch.
It looks like this one. I bought it used from a newspaper add. He didn't have much info on it but it worked.

Little Giant Still-Air Incubator 9200
I bought a used one from a newspaper ad. I think it is a LIttle Giant Still Air 9200.
OK the same one i am using now. Well there is not much you can do about it there isn't much that you can change If the humidity is too high only fill the out most two trays with water and leave the big one empty. If its too low fill all 3 full and if its still to low add a sponge.

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