10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
Well, my cat knocked the cord out of the only working incubator that I have right now last night. The bator is fine, but I'm not sure how the chicks would be? I have no idea what time this happened, but I discovered it as soon as I woke up at 9:00. There are eggs on day 2 and eggs on day 15. My other bator decided to kill itself yesterday, so some bad luck going on right now...
i would not give up hope. i've seen my hens nesting with one or more eggs out from under the warmth (until i tuck them back in) and they end up hatching okay. i think especially the eggs on day 2 should be just fine. And hopefully the other eggs were not deprived of warmth for too long.

Fingers crossed!
i wouldnt worry about the eggs on day two, and the ones on day 15 should be okay especially if it stayed warm in the bator after the cord was unplugged and the inside of the eggs stays warmer monger so i wouldnt worry maybe candle tomorrow and see but for now dont even open it cuase those eggs need to warm back up!
Almost exactly the same thing happened to me around Day 3 on this hatch--incubator was off all night, and 70 degrees in there when I got up. They were fine--developed normally, are due to hatch on Sunday. Your hatch may be a wee bit late, but other than that, probably nothing to worry about.
i think some will and some won't.

just keep them better now and keep that cat far away from the bator, he might try to eat the eggs or chick(when hatched) if he see them. bad idea to have animal near the bator.

good luck and godspeed.

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