Problematic Hen

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6 Years
Apr 12, 2013
I just recently got 4 RIR x White leghorn's pullets right around 17.5 weeks old . One of the birds in the flock is very troublesome pecking on the youngest in the flock really badley at times and pecks at the others just a little not nearly as bad. This is my first time raising chickens I separated the youngest hen because I was afraid that she was going to get hurt this is there second day in the coop / run. I don't have adequate space to keep the young he right now as she is in a dog cage. What should I do? Please help!!
You can try separating out the bully long enough to give the flock time to re-establish a pecking order. This may take a week or longer. Then re-introduce the bully and hope that the hens do a better job of keeping her in line. Make sure that your birds are not over crowded. That is a huge factor is bullying. Also make sure they are better enough protein and you could try adding a treat ball or a flock block to help with boredom. But, some hens are just very mean bullies. If she continues to be a problem I would make soup.
I just had to re-home a RIR for the same reasons. It was hard as I raised her from a chick. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(

The good news is that she seemed really happy with her new friends.
Thanks for the responses folks, seperared them for the night and did a little rearranging of the coop and its smooth sailing for now!

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