Problems at both ends!

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Luna, my California White, is being picked on by the other eight chickens. I found dried blood in her head feathers today. Luckily, I've been giving them Purina Flock Block, or it could have been a LOT worse! But she's having more problems. She is six months old, and laid her first egg last week. It was tiny and had blood on it. She just laid her second egg today. It was normal size, and free od blood, but the feathers around her vent are covered in poop, and the skin is yellow. I have her in a cage inside the rin, so the others can't pick on her any more, but I'm worried about her.[​IMG][/IMG]
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    I have seen blood on the first egg before. So not to sure this is uncommon.
    You did right by putting a barrier around her. Chickens go after blood like vampires. Not sure what the attraction to blood is but once they see it, it's game on. Let the head heal up before letting her back with the others. You may want to try Blue Cote.
    Sounds like she is low on the pecking order. That may be because she is smaller than the others (though that is not what dictates pecking order) causing them to mistreat. Usually the brutality of pecking does subside.

    Wish you the best.
  3. 6 months old for the first egg is kinda late for a California White. Maybe because she was raised in the winter time though.

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