Problems Uploading Pics with iOS 8


5 Years
Jul 7, 2014
Nederland, Texas
Is anyone else unable to, or having a lot of trouble uploading pics from iOS 8? I've tried for almost 20 minutes, on another forum, with no luck at all. For right now, iPhones with iOS 8 can't upload pics to facebook; they claim that they're working on it.
I can't upload images to BYC from my iPad after upgrading to iOS 8.

After selecting Upload File, it says uploading 1 of 1 and then quits with:

Some images failed to upload:
image.jpg - {error}

You can try re-selecting and uploading again.
Doesn't do any good; I've tried so many times I lost count. On my phone, it looks like the pic is uploading, but when the page refreshes, there's nothing there. No error messages show up either.
Apparently it's a bug with safari and iOS 8 that was seen in beta and is still in the release version. Some are saying uploads work if you launch the website as a home screen app but I'm not seeing this work from my iPad. Supposedly Chrome on iOS 8 works fine. Not BYC's issue.
I think you're not getting any error message because you're using the mobile site, which I just tried. I'm using the desktop site and it gives me that message in the red text I typed in my previous entry.

I'm not desperate enough to install Chrome just yet.
Me either. It's Rotten Apple's problem. They've gotten too full of themselves, and I think have forgotten that its customers are what's most important. It's a pain in the vent (bock right now, but I can wait. Will try from my tablet later.
Oh god I've just updated my iPad with iOS 8 and now it won't upload any pics :he Any tips on what I can do? I'm not getting error message its just not doing anything !! Wish I had just left it as it was :barnie
It's apple's problem, I'm having it too. If you try with the web version, still won't work for now. You won't be ableto upload to fb either. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for a patch. Idk if they care, but Apple has been made aware.
Thanks I hope they sort it soon. My whole iPad has been pants since I did this update it's slow, doing what ever it pleases when it pleases, typing slow then all of a sudden catching up. What a nightmare.
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You're welcome. I've had the same problem. If you get a freeze, try to wait it out, or your browser might just poop a shelless Hopefully they'll catch up with fixes soon.
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