problems with a heated base watering system! Helllp!

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  1. kimboolah

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    We bought one of those metal vacuum waterers and the chookies really like it. Also, we bought a heated base plate thing that switches on at 35 degrees to keep the water from freezing. It says not to use it outside, but I have always been hesitant to put a waterer in the coop because of the moisture and possible/probable mess. So my husband says we have to use it inside the coop, otherwise it will stay on all the time (we live in northern Wisconsin).

    Any tips or recommendations? I don't want to deal with a sopping wet coop all winter long. It's not heated, except for a brooder lamp and their own little hot selves. [​IMG] So far it stays about 40 degrees in there.
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    Jun 4, 2009
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    Well I,m still not sure if I,m going to go with the heated waterer or not.

    But what I do have in the coop is a 24" x 24" x 3" high plastic rabbit dropping pan ($8.00 at Fleet Farm) which I have placed against the wall, with some bricks in the middle, and their waterer on top.

    Most of the drips or spills collect in the pan/shavings. If it gets knocked over the pan contains most of it, then I just remove the pan to clean it and dry it off outside.
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    Jun 22, 2009
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    You won't have a soppy wet coop. They drink out of it, at least mine do. I would not expect them to take a bath which would lead to water about a bit. If worried, cover half the top of the waterer so all they can do for sure it drink out it it.

    Oops, you are talking of something different than I have....mine is a heated dog watering bowl.
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    I have 2 waters inside at 1 gal each. I put them up on a cinder block and I don't have a dampness issue from them.

    Good Luck
  5. kimboolah

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    Thanks! I had a waterer hanging from a chain when they were little in there and oh my goodness what a mess! Hopefully they will mind their manners a little better if its stationary. I will use some cinder blocks, too.

    Thanks again!
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    We put our waterer in the coop elevated on a patio block supported with cinder blocks. That way any spillage stays on the top and evaporates. The hens like it too because of the ambient heat built up in the patio block. Our plug goes through the wall to an outlet on the other side- coop is built inside a barn. Then later, because I found the arrangement awkward to refill, I moved the metal waterer into the main floor of the barn and replaced it in the coop with an electric dog bowl. Now that the hens are older they keep it clean, and I splash a little ACV in the water and change the water by dumping into a bucket once or twice daily and wiping the bowl- the ACV leaves it squeaky clean. Now I have only the 12 hens, so you may need 3 gal at a time. At any rate, raising the waterer is the way to go!

    This photo was taken last night. I sprinkled some wild bird seed on the patio block so you can see the relative size of the birds and the electric dog bowl. This is something I do at sunset so that there are some snacks in various places around the coop to reduce competition- they eat it up fast. Not sure if you can see the cord through the wall.

    Click to enlarge.

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  7. KatyTheChickenLady

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    I'm fighting the same thing right now. Last year I just sat mine inside at night and then put it back out during the day; it never froze. This year I brilliantly designed the new coop with outside water and no room inside . . . 6 frozen wateres this morning. Have spent the entire morning carrying water cans back and forth from wood stove . . . working on a plan!
  8. kimboolah

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    I elevated my new metal waterer up on two cinderblocks, side by side. So far, so good! They are drinking it and not making toooooo much of a mess, however yesterday when I refilled it, it was full of shavings and dirt (our coop has a dirt floor) and it was very gross. So I am advocating the temp sensitive water heater and metal waterer! Works great! Got both at TSC.
  9. jafo

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    May 2, 2009
    We have the same setup. The vacumn waterer, I fill , lug it out to the coop, and while it's outside, I push the top on and lock it in, I tip it sideways to drain the drink area and set it on the heater. Everythings dry as bone. I learned quick that if I put the top on in the coop, it would gush out everywhere til the pressure equalized, very messy. very wet. Do it outside, have the heater near the door. Werks for me,,,,,,,,

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