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  1. smores

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    we lost birdy to a peregrine falcon, and smores and snoewhite to foxes. we have 3 chickens left.... each day it gets colder and sometimes ice forms in their chicken coop, luckily they are designed for snow.also
    today ice formed arounf the coop locks and it took us over an hour to melt them. squirrels are also now walking in and out of the coop and sometimes sleeping in their.we
    will order 3 more chcicks in may 1 buff bantam silkie, 1 buff orginton, and batntam silver seabright
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    Feb 8, 2010
    You should try to get rid of the squirrels or keep them out somehow before they start farting around with the eggs..
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    Sounds like you need a covered run. Is this a possibility? It would also keep out the squirrels. If you can put a good scare into the squirrels they might keep their distance as well. Good luck to you!
  4. smores

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    We let them freerange also we are Down to 2 chickens

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